UPDATED 4/8/2016


How to place an order?  You can call us at 636-926-3076 or email (preferred) us with your order and we will call you back for credit card information. If we do not answer the phone we are busy working on processing orders. Please leave a message with your name and phone number.


Our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 SPECIAL: For the month of April, 10% OFF 5.56/.223 processing fee for customer cases. You must mention this add to get the discount. You still must pay shipping in full both ways.

 NOTICE: This weekend, we will be at Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and Show, as such, processing of customer orders, including recently received/processed orders will be delayed until next week.




.223 / 5.56 Brass (5.56x45)


RVO processed 5.56 brass is once fired brass that has been inspected, deprimed, swaged, sized, trimmed, cleaned, and polished and ready to load.


$35 per 250

$60 per 500

$110 per 1,000

$275 per 2,500


.300 Blackout (7.62x35) - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

All 300 Blackout brass has been inspected, deprimed, swaged, carefully sized to .300 Blackout specs, trimmed, polished, and reinspected so you can be ready for you to load right away.


$40 per 250

$75 per 500

$140 per 1,000 Pieces

$350 per 2,500 Pieces


  RVO uses once fired 5.56 brass, resized to .300 Blackout specs

30 Caliber Brass

RVO Carries various 30 caliber brass, all our 30 caliber brass undergoes our top notch processing.  Please refer to each specific caliber for the processing details.

300 Win Mag

$100 per 100


  300 Win Mag brass has been 1x fired, and has been cleaned.

.308 Processed Cases


$60 per 250

$115 per 500

$220 per 1000


  .308 Win / 7.62x51

50 BMG Brass

RVO 50 BMG brass is once fired brass that has been deprimed, swaged, sized, trimmed, cleaned, and polished and ready to load

$150 per 100

$725 per 500

$1400 per 1000

   .50 BMG or 12.7×99mm NATO

20 MM Brass

  Coming Soon...

River Valley Ordnance makes no warranty or claim in regards to brass that we sell, brass is sold as-is, where-is.  This statement implies to the best of our knowledge that each piece of brass leaving our facility has no known defects or issues.  We are not responsible for individual loading problems or issues that could arise from improperly "working up your loads".  

Images used on this page are only to be used as "reference" to the intended products mentioned, they are "technically correct images", but do not reflect the specific shape, size, color, or any definition of the product actually for sale, or lot you could receive. Actual products delivered can vary from lot to lot.

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