RVO sells well maintained surplus reloading equipment and other industry related machinery that we acquire through acquisitions, auctions, private and corporate sales.

Machinery from RVO has undergone a meticulous inspection process to insure that the machine we sell you is exactly as advertised with any deficiencies either corrected or made transparent during the sale.

Machinery Available:

Bliss #306

Bliss #20

Bliss #52

Bliss #162 (Mainframe only, no crank or toolhead)

WBF Waterberry Farrell .50 Caliber in-line priming machine (disassembled)

40MM Crimping Machine

Stokes Tablet Machine

Bryant Chuck King Grinder

Crystal Lake Grinder

Gulf & Western 20/25/30MM Automatic Loader

Bullet Puller (Caliber ranges from .22-.50)

Two Stainless Steel Holding Tubs 62" x 42" x 12"

We also have various tooling, motors, and hoppers (feed systems). Most of the equipment is kept inside of a warehouse, in cosmoline, are mostly complete, minus specific tooling and other small attachments, unless indicated.

At this time we are reaching out to companies with what equipment we have available, information available upon request.
 Contact us at 636-279-9291 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you.

Please check back with us, we will update this page as equipment becomes available.

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